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Intimacy, sexuality and relationship counselling for individuals and couples

For individual ...jestli tady ještě říct nějaké věci v úvodu


Do you want your sex life and relationship to flourish? Let's take a deep dive into your daily habits and patterns to see what minor or major changes you can make, step by step, to cultivate and transform your sexuality, deal with any physical or psychological issues, increase your ability to feel pleasure and reach orgasmic states or reignite passion in your relationship.

Some of the issues we might address; for men it could be erection problems, premature ejaculation, ejaculation addiction and porn addiction, numbness, difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculation, we might talk about how to increase your self-confidence and therefore your sex appeal, how to attract a compatible partner, how to approach a woman, how to touch a woman, how to become unforgettable lover, how to maintain a healthy nurturing relationship, why your relationship might not be working, why sex has faded, what you can do to reignite it, etc.

For women it might be; difficulty having an orgasm, pain or burning sensations during intercourse, numbness, lack of interest in sex, different needs for sex between you and your partner, not being able to trust men and surrender, scar tissue after childbirth, changed sexuality and sexual and intimacy needs after childbirth and how to communicate that with your partner… we might talk about how to strengthen self-love, attracting a partner you deserve, recognising and communicating your boundaries, etc.

No taboos, no judgements, absolutely any topic, worry or issue can be discussed.

This is a talk session. There may be some practical demonstrations or exercises if needed.


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