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It is an honour for me to work with couples because loving, fulfilling relationships create happy, thriving people and give healthy behaviour patterns to our children who, generation after generation, make this world a better place. I appreciate every individual who invests into nourishing, healing and elevating their relationships.


There are two ways couples can enjoy this beautiful ritual. I can work with the couple myself and after an initial consultation one partner will receive the massage and the other can either get some tips and ideas and join me in giving the massage or they can just be present in the space, witnessing, holding hands or so. After the session the couple will have private time to relax, cuddle etc. The second option is that I work with a colleague and therefore both partners can receive the massage together at the same time, either lying next to each other or in separate rooms.

During the initial talk I will ask you about your relationship, how satisfied you both feel on different levels including intimacy and sex life. You can share as much or as little as you like. I will also ask about your intention as a couple and individual for each of you and also about your boundaries which will be respected throughout the session. The session allows you to connect with your body and your partner's body in a whole new way, discover new levels of pleasure, maybe discover something about your partner (or yourself:) you didn’t know before, rekindle the passion in your relationship and learn techniques that you can use at home.


Overall, couples sessions enhance trust in the relationship, improve levels of relaxation, mindfulness and presence while with the partner, and mediate emotional healing.

2 h   -  -  -  -  -   €350 

3 h   -  -  -  -  -   €500 

4 h   -  -  -  -  -   €650 

5 h   -  -  -  -  -   €800 

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