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Many people ask me what Tantra and Tantra massage are. These two terms should not be confused. Tantra is a way of life, a life approach, a philosophy lived out in practice, a spiritual path. It teaches us to live our life fully, to be present, to accept what is, to accept life in its wholeness and to say yes to it. To say yes to living on this planet, to say yes to having a body, to say yes to its fragility, its mortality and its sexuality. To be grateful for all we have and to strive to become a better self every day through every thought, every decision, every action.

In Western society the sexual part is very much taken out of the holistic view, so sometimes people in the West tend to think it is about sex and sexuality. But the truth is that it is more about accepting sexuality as part of who we are, connecting with this powerful sexual energy within us and learning how to use it for the benefit of ourselves and the whole world. I would say that Western society takes the sexual part out of context because it is very traumatised and very sexually traumatised and frustrated. Our sexual energy and its expressions have been suppressed for centuries, people have been persecuted, shamed, tortured, burned alive...

This has resulted in people not living a happy sexuality, and even today very few people do. Because there is still so much taboo and so much shame and guilt and because the trauma is so deep. It is much better than it used to be, but the dark history of sexual violence, repression and abuse follows us and is still present and is hindering our progress and healing.

And Tantra massage can help :)

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Tantra massage for individuals

Tantra Massage

for individuals

From €280 (1,5h)

Tantra massage for couples

Tantra Massage

for couples

From €350 (2h)

Intimacy, sexuality and relationship counselling for individuals and couples


for individuals and couples

From €100 (1h)

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The first time I went to Ireland was in 2016 when my friend from the Tantric seminars invited me to come and work in the studio in Dublin. Although I had never used a stage name for massage therapy before, I felt that I needed one in order to approach another country and I felt that it had to be somehow connected to that country... so I looked into Irish mythology because I have always been attracted and fascinated by mythology, legends and fairy tales and I believe that they carry deep hidden messages for us to this day. And so Danu, my Irish alter ego, was born.

Danu is an ancient Goddess who has united the Irish people in the oldest history. I didn't know then how much I would fall in love with Ireland, its nature and its people, and how much time I was going to spend here. Now it is about 8 years and a lot has changed in my life. I got married and have a little child, but I still can't give up my love for Ireland and keep coming back to explore the wild nature, meet the kind people, guide them to heal their wounds from a tough history and be touched by it all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the intention?
    You are reading this for a reason and when you decide to come for a session it will be for a reason. What is that reason? Is there something you are missing at the moment? Perhaps understanding, moments to share, being cared for, nurtured and pampered, perhaps you just want to feel a human connection, perhaps you want to connect with yourself and your sexual energy. Maybe you know there is more to sexuality, but you don't know what exactly and where to look for it. Maybe you keep meeting the wrong partners. You may not be able to feel pleasure or you may want to feel more pleasure. You may be experiencing pain or numbness, physically or emotionally. Maybe your body is not functioning the way you have been told it should. Maybe you have doubts about yourself, about life and its purpose, about your purpose... Why are you here and what is your intention? Intention comes from within and there is intention in everything we do from the moment we wake up... without intention we wouldn't even get out of bed. So what is your intention in exploring your sexual energy and possibly coming for a session? What kind of quality would you like to invite to your life? How would you like to feel? When we consciously work with our intentions in everyday life, our actions are more powerful. And knowing your intention, I can tailor the session to your very individual needs.
  • Are we both naked?
    It doesn't really matter for the Tantric experience as the most profound experiences happen with closed eyes anyway. What matters is that both giver and receiver feel comfortable, safe, accepted and respected in their choices, whatever they are. So you can be completely naked, but you can also keep your underwear, your t-shirt or just your socks, or you can even wear lingerie or a costume (but this should be agreed with the therapist beforehand). The reasons why you choose to keep some of your clothes are your business, you can share them with the therapist or not. Men would usually choose to be naked, while women often choose to keep their underwear or panties. But this is not a rule and anything is possible. But obviously where you have clothes on your body, those parts cannot really be massaged properly, so the best way to enjoy a whole body massage is to be naked if possible :) When it comes to the therapists, they also choose what they feel comfortable in. You may experience sessions where the therapist is completely naked, in their underwear, in a sarong on naked body, sarong on underwear, in a dress or any other possibilities. It is not strict, it is different for everyone and it changes for everyone. Especially female therapists may wear different things at different times of their menstrual or life cycle as women are cyclical beings. For me personally, unless you are naked you can wear absolutely anything, nothing is too weird or peculiar to me. And most of the time I will wear my sarong.
  • Is there mutual touching?
    During the session you are the receiver and I am the giver, which means you have precious time to let go, surrender, relax completely and go deep within yourself. Most people don't get the opportunity to just completely focus on themselves in their daily lives, so it opens up whole new levels of feelings and pleasure. Surrender is powerful and magical! Take this opportunity to the fullest, you may be surprised at what it feels like to surrender and what lies beyond surrender. On the other hand, sometimes it might be supportive and healing to connect with another human being, so you might lay your hands on my body, we might hold hands, we might hug or do some breathing exercise together. So there might be some level of mutual touching, but motionless on your part and only if the intention behind it is to connect to yourself by connecting to me as a mirror. The intention behind your touch should never be to take anything from me nor even to give something to me. What you are doing as a receiver of tantra massage is at all times receiving :) My sessions are all about yourself and I am just your mirror and guide on this journey of exploring yourself, your body and your feelings.
  • Is there a ‘happy ending’?
    Simple answer: No Curious: read on ;) Honestly... this question gives me a hard time. What does it even mean? Basically, it makes no sense whatsoever. For several reasons. Let me try to explain. How do you define a happy ending? In a movie, it means that everyone involved is happy at the end and all problems are solved. Why would men want to call their ejaculation a happy ending? I would like to believe that it takes a lot more for men to feel happy and content in their lives than simply squeezing the semen out of their bodies by themselves or someone else. Furthermore, all of us, men and women, have probably experienced sexual encounters which, despite ending with an orgasm, were not happy endings and left us wishing we had left long before we allowed it to get this far. So even if men or women ejaculate at the end it doesn't mean that they will feel happy, sometimes the process of connecting with deeper layers of their sexual energy might bring a lot of emotions that don't always have to be happy, they might feel sad, melancholic, anxious or angry for no obvious reason or especially men might feel a decrease in energy after ejaculation, they might feel inadequately tired and exhausted and that doesn't feel like a happy ending either. Sometimes people can actually feel very bad, angry, having their boundaries crossed, they might feel abused or even raped,... Another part I don't really understand is how anyone can promise to "give'' someone else a happy ending... Ejaculation is a physiological function, so as such it cannot be given to you by another person, similarly to breathing cannot be given to you by another person, or sneezing or giving birth, these processes are something that happens as a consequence of certain factors, something that your body does, something that you experience, not something that you get from someone else. Even if I get over this nonsense and accept the terminology, within slang in massage setting I understand a happy ending as the release of sexual tension through ejaculation, or even just ejaculation for the purpose of ejaculating at the end of a massage... Tantra massage has a completely different intention. Instead of simply releasing sexual tension or reaching any kind of goals, the focus lies on relaxing the whole body and mind completely, easing the tension if present, awakening the sexual energy, elevating it, cultivating it and spreading it through touch and breath over the whole body, eventually learning how to circulate it within the body to last longer and experience whole body orgasm without ejaculation or all sorts of other orgasmic feelings. Because orgasm and ejaculation are two different processes and both can occur without the other. In fact, you can experience all sorts of diverse orgasmic feelings with or without ejaculation. During the session you may experience some of them, you may experience all of them, or you may experience none of them. And it does not matter. What matters is that you are present in the moment with what is, with what you feel. So the answer is: hopefully there is no happy ending in Tantra massage, but there can be a diversity of orgasmic feelings on a physical, emotional and energetic level.
  • Can the session be shorter than 90 mins?
    Essentially, the more you relax your whole body, the deeper and more intense your experience can be. For some yogis or people who practise meditation and martial arts, it may be possible to relax completely in a few minutes, but for most people it takes much longer. Some people need to come for several sessions before they are able to relax. Only once you are completely relaxed can we effectively work with your sexual energy. Sometimes even a 90 minute session is too short :) But it is really individual and depends on many factors. Usually women need more time to relax and open up, so I recommend a minimum of 2 hours for women. Once you are relaxed, time goes by in a completely different way, so that at the end of the session you will be unable to tell if it has been 1 hour or 5 hours. But the ability to relax is crucial, if you are not able to relax then the extended time will be of no help at all. I cannot relax your body or mind. I can only give you a relaxation massage, but you have to relax yourself. If your body consciously or unconsciously resists relaxation, I can recommend some techniques to practise to achieve at least some level of relaxation to enjoy the session.
  • What to do if I have difficult feelings after the session?
    It is pretty common that you may feel different after the session. Most of the time you might feel energised, happy, joyful, content, relaxed, peaceful, inspired... But also some so called negative feelings might appear... This is because we work both with the body and with the emotional level and it can bring to the surface some feelings and emotions that have been locked up somewhere deep inside the body and you might feel inexplicable sadness, melancholy, anger, frustration, ... Bodywork, unlike talking therapies, doesn't need to investigate where these feelings may have originated in your past. What is important, and what usually helps to release them, is to accept the feelings, whatever they are, to embrace them, feel them and just be with them, rather than running away to distractions. When they are accepted and embraced they go away. Whatever your feelings are or if you have any questions that have arisen in the following days, I am here to support you and answer anything I can. Feel free to reach out to me, I am happy to help and support you outside of the session frame if needed.
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